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How to locate info about event in the calendar?

Please send information about your event to

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2) date and time

3) location

4) short description (300 signs max)

5) links to the event's site, article, ticket seller

Info must be in Latvian and English

We will publish info about the event for free


How to locate advertising banner about your event of the site?

See the costs below. Income will help us to cover site's running expences

Image of your event located in background of the calendar – 10 EUR for the first day + 5 EUR for each next day

Advertising banner* on the right side of the calendar – 5 EUR for the first day + 2,5 EUR for each next day

* Send us image(s) – width 172 pix and text (title, dates, location, link) and we will create it for you for free

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Our motivation

We offer a various contemporary art events since 2009. To reach the audience is time consuming and expensive process, especially if the events take place irregularly and in different locations. The visitors amount is always smaller than it could be. From other side people are not informed good enough what is available from "live" culture at the moment. To find out about all coming events one has to know all the organizers and locations and spend a good hour to run through all their sites, which not always bring what was expected. This makes Contemporary art not available for wider society. Visitors and those who dont speak Latvian are even in worse situation – most of available information is only in Latvian. Not only event organizers, venue keepers and involved artists would benefit from larger audiences but also the society in general.